Petr Marada Winery

Marada Winery

Mr. Petr Marada, graduate of Horticular Faculty in Lednice, part of Mendel University in Brno, established winery in September 2006 in Mikulčice.
We are tagging on the family agricultural tradition, even though the wine production was only smaller part of our overall farming business. Our obligation to the family heritage is the hard and honest work without which we would not be able to produce good quality wine.

Old farmers saying goes: What is early – is always. What is late – is only sometimes…

The wine production cycle starts already at the vineyards during wintertime. The climate conditions are critical for the quality of the grapevine; it’s fertility, which is the base for blooming, growing the grapes as well as maturing of the grapes. Positive course during these phases is very depended on climatic conditions and good wine grower must react to these conditions accordingly. There is not such thing like general rule how to grow and produce wine. Each vintage is so different and good wine grower must “ listen” to the grapevines, follow it’s needs and react at the right time. If any mistake is done, next chance to correct will be following year.

Philosophy of wine is based on simplicity – less intervention from the wine grower gives more space for the wine grape individuality. We grant our wines time and space to develops it’s true flavors and bouquets without too much intervention. We are specialized on rather dry wines with the focus on purity of wine types and individuality. White wines age in the stainless steel tanks, selected grapes in oak or acacia barrels. Almost all red wines go thru natural vinification in wooden barrels.

Vinařství Marada