Jakubík winery

Jakubík winery

We are very humble when it comes to wine. We do cultivate our vineyards for last 50 years, continue improving traditional technologies and continue searching for ways, which would allow us producing perfect wine. Increasing number of satisfied wine customers are the assurance for us that we are heading the right direction. We combine the most modern technologies with traditional procedures such as method allowing us producing “sur lie” wine type.

In 2013 we installed newest system enabling us controlled fermentation, which is combination of classical method of fermentation according to the temperature and method of controlling carbon dioxide production. This system was awarded price as Innovation technology Intervitis in 2010. We try to find the most suitable method for each wine production and we are cultivating our own noble yeasts. We are not satisfied with just good wines – we always reach for excellence. Already for several decades we use top class methods and we were the pioneers who produced first ice-wine in Czechoslovakia back in 1971. Since the beginning we are focusing mainly on production of “attributive wines” and the bottom appellation level is “late harvest”.

We know that the top quality of wine is not guaranteed by technology, but rather by top quality of grapes. This is also the reason why we take care of our vineyards rather as gardener then simple farmer. Manual harvest is our basic rule. For the production of our premium wines we use mostly our own grapes, as we do not want to loose the control over the quality of any part of the wine production. We allow our grapes enough time and sunshine to mature well, so while in November others already taste Saint Martin wines we only start our harvest.

Same approach, which we apply during our wine production, we do to our customers. Each individual is unique and has it’s own dream about the ideal flavor and bouquet of wine. We do not want to discourage such dreams and working on expanding the variety of our wines continuously. At present time we offer 26 different white and red types of wines and it is not definitely our final number.

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