Vínárna na šikmé ploše Praha 1

About our wine bar

For quite a while, our wine bar is known to offer great Moravian wines from the tap, as well as bottled wine from excellent mid to small size Moravian wine producers. Some of which can be found almost exclusively in our wine bar and are really worth trying. We are surely ready to satisfy also guests, which prefer wines from other parts of the world.

We are confident, that you will be able to choose some good food also, to go with your wine during your visit.

History of the location

Indeed … there is not such a thing like coincidence; it is very true about the location of our wine bar. Back in 2003 when we came up with the plan to open new wine bar in this location, to sell wines from the tap, we had no idea that the original owner of this house had the same plan back in 1891. Unfortunately he was not allowed to do so by the municipal authorities. To our big surprise, we found out about this history only after we opened the wine bar and visited the archives. We got the permission in our case, with the delay of 112 years. Mr. Tomaschek would be very pleased to know…

Wine bar Na šikmé ploše

Wine bar Prague 1

Our grandmothers used to say, that those who drink are on “slippery slope”, so if you are wine drinker, come and visit us and you will be on “slippery slope” too.